Ozensoy Research Group’s Work Appears on the Cover of Journal of the American Chemical Society
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Baytekin Research Group's Work Appears on the Cover of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Senior Bilkent Chemistry Undergraduate Student Rana Lomlu receives "2022 Üstünışık Prize for Undergraduate Chemistry Research"
Ferdi Karadaş Receives Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Georg Forster Research Award
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Asst. Prof. Burak Ülgüt Receives Distinguished Teaching Award for 2021
MSCA Fellowship Awarded to Dr. Halil Okur from Department of Chemistry
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About Chemistry

Chemistry deals with matter and the laws that govern its changes.

Chemical research leads to new products ranging from drugs to multicolor displays. Chemistry contributes to biotechnology, molecular biology, pharmacy, environmental and material sciences, electronic devices, energy storage and energy conversion processes and therefore has a central place in modern science.

In contemporary society, with its ever-increasing demands for creative applications towards all branches of science and technology, chemistry responds to these challenges by offering  fascinating ideas generating and developing new areas, such as molecular electronics, self-arranging molecules, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods, superconductors, exotic molecular structures, chaotic systems, lasers, photosynthesis, and new spectroscopic methods.